The Coder Behind the Console and the Guitar Strings 🎸🎮

Hello, World! 🌍 I'm Aien (Āyīn), and if you're curious about my first line of code, it traces back to when I was 13. Those were the Multimedia Builder days — youthful naivety had me believe I was in the big leagues. But hey, every line of code scribbled then was a stepping stone to where I stand today. 🚀

A year after MMB, and navigating through the corridors of VB6 and Windows app-building for almost 6 years, I embraced the expansive realm of web development. Along the way, diverse stints at various companies enriched my palette, exposing me to myriad approaches to software development and team-building. Each workspace was a classroom, teaching me not just about code, but also about the art of collaboration. 🖥️💼

So, what's in my coding toolkit, you might ask?

I've tinkered with Node.js, TypeScript, Go, Java, and Php, but let me tell you — Golang has my heart ❤️. It resonates with the rhythm of my thoughts, much like the chords I strum on my guitar. And speaking of rhythms, the event-driven architectures in tech echo the pulse of dynamic storytelling in the works of Mike Flanagan, one of my favorite directors. Code and cinema — it's fascinating where you find parallels, right? 🎥🎬

My aspirations? In the coming decade, I'm keen on molding myself into a seasoned full-stack software architect, and who knows, maybe even settling into a CTO’s chair. The future is a canvas 🎨, and I'm all set to paint it with binary and brilliance.

Beyond the pixels and platforms, I cherish the human element of this journey. From virtual interactions over emails 📧 and website comments to the exhilarating energy of tech gatherings — every connection, every conversation adds a hue to my tech tapestry.

If my story struck a chord (pun intended! 🤣), don't be a stranger. Let's share tales, exchange ideas, or simply riff about the next big thing in tech. Here's to crafting codes and memories! 🍻