It's me, Aien!

Hey there, I'm really happy to see you here 😊.

So, I think you already know my name, and might have already guess what I do for living...

I am a web developer, full stack developer to be acurate, and a CS student at the THM, Giessen.

What technologies I use?

  • Golang, because it's fast, easy to learn and well scaled. which helps me to create reliable web services.
  • NodeJS (TypeScript), as a web developer, nodejs is a must, by knowing ts helped my a lot to write high-quality apps.
  • Python, quite new in my tech list, I really enjoyed the diversity of documents and libraries available for this language.
  • PHP, frankly the first language I started for web programming, and I still use it
  • Java, learnt in the university, for which I'm also familiar with SOLID principles and OOP design.
  • Unreal Engine (C++ instead of BPs), this is just for my hobby projects. I really like to create games (RPG to be specific).

And are there any specific frameworks? yes, take a look at these:

  • Gin, although I really don't need it to write golang apps, but it's quite helpful for routing systems
  • Express, NestJS, both progressive and highly flexible frameworks for nodejs
  • Django, i believe it's the best option for python as far as I looked
  • Symfony and Laravel, both are great frameworks and I fill at home when using either of them
  • Spring, though I'm not really comfortable yet when using spring for my java projects

Where can I find more about you? You can follow me in twitter, Github and linkedIn.

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